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Over 100 years of rose breeding

Ever since its foundation in 1906, RosenTantau has been dedicated to obtaining both garden and greenhouse varieties of roses. Throughout the years, our breeding house has become an undeniable leader around the world for developing different varieties of cut roses.



Mathias Tantau Sr. (1882-1953) started Rosen Tantau in 1906. His first introductions received many international awards, especially varieties such as the polyantha hybrid “Rotelfe (1922)”, “Tantaus Überraschung (1943)”, “Marchenland (1946)” and “Schweizer GruB”, which brought about major advances in rose breeding.


The most famous varieties were the salmon-orange hybrid tea “Super Star 1960”, “Duftwolke (Nuage Parfume, Fragrand Cloud) 1963”, “Mainzer Fastnacht 1964”, “Pariser Charme 1965”, “Whisky (Whisky Mac) 1967”, “Erotika 1968”, “Herzog von Windsor 1969” and “Landora 1970”. Later varieties included “Piroschka” and “Lawinia”.


In 1985, Mathias Tantau Jr. decided to hand over the company to his experienced employee, Hans-Jürgen Evers, who today shares the responsibility of running the company with his son Christian Evers.


During this period, the cut rose variety Osiana®, was successfully introduced in 1989, and can be viewed as the “door opener” for the very important South American cultivation market.


Other varieties, such as Raphaela®, Skyline®, Tantau’s Konfetti®, and Tantau’s Charlotte® continued the successful collection of introductions. Later on, additional varieties, like Akito®, Sweet Akito®, Engagement®, and Vendela® were launched, maintaining the leadership in cut rose breeding. The latest introductions, Freedom®, Polar Star®, Sweetness®, Free Spirit®, Topaz®, Santana®, Paloma®, and Señorita® proved that the experience of over 100 years of rose breeding is a guarantee to our customers and friends!