Uncovering our Breeding Secrets

Uncovering our Breeding Secrets

We are a farm that specializes in breeding beautiful, high-quality roses. But how exactly did we become market leaders in the rose breeding industry? The answer lies in sticking to traditional breeding techniques.

For over a century, we have been carefully selecting and crossbreeding roses to create new varieties that possess the best traits of both parent plants. This process, called breeding, takes patience and a deep understanding rose genetics. 


Our commitment to traditional breeding techniques has also helped us to preserve and improve upon heirloom and old garden rose varieties. These roses have a special charm and character that is often lost in modern hybrids. By using traditional methods, we have been able to keep these varieties alive and thriving, while also introducing new characteristics that make them even better suited for modern gardens.

In conclusion, our dedication to traditional breeding techniques is what has allowed us to become leaders in the rose market. Our commitment to preserving and improving upon heirloom and old garden rose varieties, as well as developing new, disease-resistant hybrids, has resulted in a wide range of beautiful, high-quality roses that are beloved by rose producers around the world.

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“All the flowers of the tomorrows are in the seeds of today.”

– Indian Proverb


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